The Conflicting Sides About Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet

The tech problems of Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet.


Nintendo UK, Youtube

By: Oliver Tabbal, Journalist

Since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s release on November 17, 2022, the review have been mixed at best. The game has countless performance and visual bugs that some say makes the game unplayable. These very glaring problems with the games cause some people to dig a little deeper on why, and they have come up with a few reasons.

First of all, what are these problems? Well, the problems that Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet have are very vast, from performance issues to visual glitches to random crashes and frame rate drops whenever the game feels like. There are entire videos showcasing the numerous visual glitches that the game has because there are way too many for a $60 Nintendo Switch game. After this much time, people expected to have a somewhat decent looking Pokemon game, but some are saying that it looks worse than Sword and Shield, the previous games in the Pokemon series. Lastly, the game has been known to have some of the worst frame rate issues of any game that has come out in at least the last 10 years. This game feels like it runs at 10 fps (frames per second) most of the time, when most recent games have been at either 30 or 60 fps. This makes the game feel very choppy and bad quality. Additionally, people, objects, or anything else that is not close to you is moving so choppily, updating twice every second. These problems make it very justified to hate on these games.

People have various theories for why Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet are this poorly performing. One theory is that the developers of Pokémon (Gamefreak) has gotten too confident that their games will do well, even if they aren’t that great of games. In fairness to them, they are right, as they have sold over 100 million copies in the first three days of release. Second, there has not been enough time between all of the new games that are coming out in the Pokemon series. Pokemon: Legends Arceus came out just 10 months before Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet. This is not nearly enough time to make an enjoyable fully functioning game. In reality, it is definitely a combination of both of these factors.

With all of these problems, why are people still buying these games? They have the lowest score out of any Pokemon game ever, with an astonishingly low 3.4/10. The answer is pretty simple, despite all of the game’s flaws, the core formula for a pokemon game is still enjoyable to most people. No matter the content around it, the game itself is still going to be fun to play. Just because everyone seems to hate the game doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be bought if you enjoy Pokemon.