Sofi Stadium: The Largest NFL Stadium Ever Built

Everything you need to know about the SoFi stadium.


By: Finn Yeh, Journalist

Housing and retail take shape next to Inglewood's SoFi Stadium - Hart Howerton

Sofi Stadium is the largest NFL stadium ever built and most expensive. Costing at $4.9 BILLION dollars to build this super stadium. With this stadium being so high tech it does have some cool abilities. One of the things this stadium has is that the stadiums roof does not actually touch the stadiums walls. Another cool things is this stadium is not only a stadium it also has a 6,000 seat theater, a 2.5 acre American Airlines plaza, and a one huge swooping roof. The stadiums walls also don’t even touch the roof. This massive stadium can also has a capacity of 70,000+. SoFi Stadium also has a full circle jumbotron where everyone can see easily. A cool thing about SoFi that no other NFL stadium has is an LED roof where it can display text. SoFi is also home to 2 NFL teams the LA Rams and the LA Chargers. SoFi also hosted Super Bowl 55 with the Rams vs the Bengals and the Rams winning. The stadium is located in central Los Angeles, California giving it also a perfect location of only 4 miles from Los Angeles International airport(LAX). This stadium also supposed to host some events of the 2028 Olympics, College Football Championship in 2023, and WrestleMania 39 in April 2023.

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