Tesla Model Y Goes Out Of Control, Causing Deadly Accident

Tesla Model Y Malfunction Causes Accident, Killing 2 People



By: Alexander Zabavskiy, Journalist

Two people were killed and three injured in a collision in China involving a Tesla Model Y.
Chinese social media users have been sharing the video of the incident, which happened on November 5. After failing to find a parking spot, a Tesla Model Y is seen speeding down a two-lane road, swerving between lanes, and sideswiping cars and motorcycles before coming to a stop around 30 seconds and 1.6 miles (2.6 km) later in front of a business.

A white Tesla Model Y was seen in the incident’s video driving into a spot to park on the side of the road before returning there suddenly. The driver avoided hitting the oncoming car and drove off down the road before slamming into a motorcyclist, head-on. At least two motorcyclists were violently knocked over as the Tesla sped through crowded town streets at a hazardous pace. When the car finally arrived at a major intersection, it struck a small truck, sending flying debris onto at least two bicycles, and then struck the side of a building in a cloud of smoke and dust.
The 55-year-old driver, claims that he allegedly experienced issues with the brake pedal. A family member of the driver has confirmed that as the driver lost control, he tried to apply pressure to the brakes, but due to a technical issue, they weren’t working.
The accident was later investigated by the police. According to the newspaper, the driver’s family notified tesla about the incident. Police say that there is a high chance of the driver being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that the car would undergo testing.