The Engineering Behind Hockey

Hockey Engineering


“Hockey Board Curves” by NedraI is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

By: Ben Pollack, Journalist

There are many pieces of engineering that go into the sport hockey and they are all really important.

First, there is the engineering behind keeping the ice cold. You need to keep the ice cold all of the time, that means you need to figure out how to make a chiller or chillers to be cold enough to keep the ice rock hard, so it doesn’t turn to water. You also need to make the ice easy to put things on top of like a basketball court because a lot of arenas turn in to basketball arenas.

They also have to engineer the boards. They have to make the boards in a way where they have benches and doors that can open along them on both sides has to have doors that can open for the penalty box. For the doors, they obviously need to make them to be able to open, but they also have to be able to take a lot of impact for when the players hit each other into the doors. They also have to engineer the doors to be able to hold glass panes in them. They have to make it so that all the different shapes of glass panes can fit in any piece of board. They also need to make the glass secure because just like the boards they get rammed into when people hit the other player into it.



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