Cars Vs Planes

Transportation, Which One Is Better?


“airplane” by Kuster & Wildhaber Photography is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

By: Ben Pollack , Journalist

Cars and Planes are two big ways of transportation. There is a lot of engineering that go into these types of transportation. Which one is better? Which one is the cheapest? These questions will be answered.

Car: The car is a vehicle that drives on land on four wheels. There are many types of cars ranging from prices and size. There are supercars to  full size trucks. Engineers have to be really precise when they are making the cars because they have people’s lives in jeopardy. They can range from $10,000 for a used car or can go up to the multi-millions for brand new hypercars.

Planes: Next, we have planes. Planes are flown in the air at low altitudes compared to airlines.  Planes are very thrilling if you have the time to spend getting your pilot’s license and to fly. Planes have a huge range of cost from a used Cessna 150 at around $50,000 to a new Gulfstream G800 at $71.5 million. You can also get a used warbird(Old military aircraft) for any ware between a 1944 plane for around $60,000 to a newer Hawker Siddeley Harrier Gr3 for about $8 million. The Engineering behind these amazing things is insane. They need to make sure that it flies safely and smoothly because if it doesn’t it could take the lives of many people.

To wrap it up, these are both really great options to be transported to places you would like to go. While cars can be cheaper than planes, they’re also slower than planes and can’t get you as far. Cars are cheaper than planes and in my opinion are more convenient. So, if you have a little bit of extra money and you have the time;  you might want to try taking flying lessons.


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  • You can take action by flying and driving more efficiently and less pollution