A Robot That Actually Transforms

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Image Source: Robosen.com promotional photo

By: Namish Gupta, Journalist

On September 17, 1984, the world was changed. The first episode of Gen 1 Transformers was released, and children

Screen capture from “The Transformers” episode #1, “More than Meets the Eye, Part 1”. Used under the “fair use” rule of copyright law.

and adults fell in love with it instantly. It’s about seemingly ordinary vehicles that have more to them than meets the eye. (See what I did there 😏). Since then, the concept has become incredibly successful, with dozens of spinoff movies, tv shows, and series’.  However, the toys were always the Transformers’ pinnacle: small action figures that a child could transform into various vehicles. However, to transform them, the toys always had to be turned and twisted manually, not automatically like the show. That age is now over, because a company named Robosen has officially created a self-transforming Optimus Prime toy available to the public!

Currently, there are two models of the Optimus Prime released, each at their own price point based on their features.

The Flagship model in both its robot and truck form with its accessories. Courtesy of Robosen.com under the “fair use” rule of copyright law.

The first one is the 19″, original “Flagship Optimus Prime, the Ultimate Autobot Hero” (Robosen.com) which is authentic to the Gen 1 design, voice controlled, and can be custom programmed to do whatever the owner wants. Behind the curtain, the toy has 27 servo motors that allow it to self-convert from a truck to robot form. Using voice commands, you can make the toy carry out actions like “move forward,” “roll out,” and “attack,” and more,  “bringing a real sense of immersion on Earth or Cybertron.” (Robosen.com) Furthermore, it can be remote controlled with the app, so you can make Optimus drive around in truck mode, walk, or anything else you want him to do. The app also has over 150+ pre-installed commands, and there is even an online community that makes custom commands for the public to use. Finally, on top of all of this, 2 accessories are included to use in robot form, the classic energon axe and the ion blaster. On Robosen’s website, it is priced at $999. (Quick tip: If you want to get a deal, hasbropulse.com has it priced for 749.99, while supplies last)

The Flagship Model with the Trailer Kit. Under the “fair use” rule of copyright law.

For the Flagship model, there is even a “Trailer Kit”, which (like the name suggests) is a trailer for Optimus to tow. It has 18 servo motors so it can open up as well. It even comes with a mini car called Roller that can be remote controlled, and a small action figure of Spike Witwicky. Although all these features seem nice, it is priced at a hefty $749.99, and the Flagship Optimus Prime Model is not included.

Elite Model. From: Robosen.com under the “fair use” rule of copyright law.

The second model is the “Elite Optimus Prime”. It’s basically the exact same thing at a smaller, more affordable price point. Almost everything is the same, down to the number of servos. Although there is a separate app, the functionality is the same and can still be custom programmed. It is about 16″ tall in robot form and is priced at $699. This model does not work with the Trailer Kit.

Optimus Prime and the rest of the transformers are legends among many, and after years of dreaming, there is finally a toy worthy of continuing the legacy.

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