Why There Might Not be Any Aliens

The Great Filter Theory explains why



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By: Oliver Tabbal, Journalist

A new NASA study suggests that aliens are wiping themselves out before ever getting to contact us, and they are citing climate change as the main cause. This study is not peer reviewed yet, so it is not fully trustworthy, but it is worth a look into what they might be suggesting.

This study states that “evidence of life should exist in abundance in our galaxy alone, and yet in practice, we’ve produced no clear affirmation of anything beyond our own planet. So, where is everybody?” The only solution that it comes up with is that every race in the universe gets to some massive roadblock – like climate change – and eventually wipes itself out. This likely means that all of the threats to end the human race have likely happened to other living species (that is, if they even exist). This claim is very similar to the Great Filter Theory, a well known explanation for what is happening in the universe.

The Great Filter theory explains two possibilities regarding alien life. Number one, there are no aliens as intelligent as us, and the “filter” is behind the human race. Second, the “filter” is in front of us, and the human race will eventually wipe itself out. The “filter” in question is an almost impossible to pross roadblock for any living civilization. This NASA study aligns with the second option, but provides further insight into what the cause of this event that can cause entire planets to get wiped out.

All in all, This study’s conclusion is that humanity needs to be a lot more self-aware of its own problems, because they might end in disaster for everyone. This might be a very necessary step for surviving, or it might be pointless. There is no way to know until either one happens.

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