How are silicone molds made


Silicone molds are used to make many things like cutouts, reusable cupcake liners, etc. These molds help shape other things so how are these molds shaped themselves? First you will need a bowl of water just about 4-5″ deep and liquid soap, pour some of the liquid soap into the water and stir. Get some construction silicone (silicone caulk) and squeeze some into the water. Put on a pair of gloves and knead the silicone like dough underneath the water until it is not sticky anymore. Put the silicone in your hands and roll it into a ball and then lay it out on the

table so it looks like pizza dough. Make sure the silicone is thicker than the item you’re molding. Add in an item you want to be molded and put it on the silicone design side down. Wait a couple of hours for the silicone to harden, it wont be rock solid but you wont be able to dent it. Carefully remove the object inside the silicone and flip the mold upside down to lightly shake out the piece. Then get some clay and pour it into the mold, after pull the clay out and let it dry. Afterwards you should have your silicone mold.