Bringing the Virtual World Into the Real One

Soon, you might even be using AR tech every day.

By: Namish Gupta, Journalist

People have always envisioned a future where technology can enhance what they perceive and experience in the world around them. In movies like Iron Man or Black Panther, we often see different versions of virtual and augmented reality, a technology that gives the user the ability to interact with their environment in a more immersive way. It can be thought of as an extension of reality. However, many people often leave the theater believing that such technology is light years away from being advanced enough to be used practically. The truth is, Augmented Reality (AR) is closer to movies than ever before.

The most popular and well known examples of AR are the games in which we have to catch Pokémon, or in the latest

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phones when we can place virtual objects on a table. These objects are projected on top of the real world, and we can interact with them just like if they were really there. There are even more advanced applications, like helping medical students practice performing surgery without a living human actually being there. With the help of this technology, we can also learn about different topics and places by using AR apps that provide information about them in a more engaging way than just reading it from a book.

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AR can be applied in many different ways, not just your phone.

There are certain AR headsets or goggles that have cameras on them that allow the wearer to see their environment and layer virtual objects onto them. However, these headsets are more popular with AR’s sibling, VR. One recent product available to consumers allows for one to experience VR and AR, called the Meta Quest Pro.

A company called Mojo Vision is also working to implement AR into

contact lenses, allowing the wearer to ditch their bulky headsets and replace them with small, sophisticated contact lenses.

Augmented Reality is striding towards perfection, and is close to being used by everyday people more than ever. What was once only a concept possible in movies, has now burst into reality.

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