Minecraft Legends: Mojang’s Action-Strategy Game

Minecraft Legends, coming to a PC near you!

Promotional Image from www.minecraft.net

Promotional Image from www.minecraft.net

By: Grant Le, Journalist


Minecraft. The game everyone knows and mildly appreciates. A world with worlds of possibilities. It’s a game I have spent many of my days and nights on, and many others all over the world do the same. With the game being so popular, and having such a wide range of players, it was the perfect idea to make more Minecraft-based games. It’s good for Mojang, and for us, the players. Out of this idea sprung Minecraft Dungeons, a– you guessed it– dungeon crawler game where you make a character, go through different levels and advance further and further until you are a GOD OF DESTRUCTION. There was also Minecraft: Education Edition, a school-appropriate Minecraft that helps kids learn environmental issues and other stuff, and helps teachers learn how to be a pro gamer. There was also Minecraft: Story Mode… but we don’t talk about that. Now, there’s a new Minecraft game coming soon: Minecraft Legends. Now, while I still have your attention span, I’ll explain what it is and why we’re all hyped for it.

What’s the story behind it?

This game– as the game title says– is based off of a hypothetical “legend” in Minecraft, where the hostile and passive mobs in Minecraft lived in harmony together. All was peaceful until the Fire Nation– I mean the Piglins attacked. Their goal is to invade and conquer the Overworld, and the only way the mobs of the Overworld can defeat the Piglins is if they came together and worked to stop them using the power of friendship and war tactics. You are the one who leads the battle, rallying troops and planning where to do so. Will you be able to defeat these pieces of porkchop? Tune in next time to find out.

What type of game is it?

Minecraft Legends is an action-strategy game, meaning that it’s an action game with strategy (if you didn’t know). Piglins are invading the world from the Nether, and though you yourself are an excellent warrior (AKA you spam the attack button over and over while running in a circle), you still need help. So, the mobs from the Overworld band together to try and help you. Each mob has a different role to fill, whether they attack up close, from afar, or don’t attack at all, it’s their body so therefore their choice. You can use these mob’s abilities to your advantage, allowing you to conquer Nether Portals and sending the Piglins back to where they came from with ease.

How do you play it?

You, as the rallyer of the troops, call upon allies from statues to aid you in your ongoing battle to stop the Piglins. You can use banners to place specific mobs in certain places, allowing for the strategy part of the game to take place. These mobs can help you in combat in various different ways, varying from if they are a low-damage speedster, or a crowd-controlling heavy-hitter. They can also support you in other ways other than combat, such as healing you or giving you special buffs or effects to help you and your troop. But this isn’t all there is in this game. Figuring out from the gameplay trailer, you can most probably explore the Overworld. Whether you hop from treetop to treetop, or from pillar to pillar, you have complete freedom in where you go, with assistance of course. You can traverse the once peaceful overworld with a magical beast of your choosing, ranging from a purple tiger, to a… horse. Nonetheless, I guarantee that you will fall off a cliff at least once whilst playing this game. One last interesting feature of the game that I want to talk about are the Allays. These fairy-like entities help you build stuff in this game (just like in the hit game Minecraft!). You have two kinds of Allay: blue and yellow. The blue Allays venture out and break blocks for you, whilst the yellow ones build structures that may help you in your mission.


This game is a game that we are all waiting for, and are excited to play. There are still a few things I haven’t talked about, such as Knowledge, Action, & Foresight, personalities regarding hats, and even multiplayer, but that’s something you’ll have to find out about on your own. Anyway, thank you very much for reading, and I hope I inspired you to support this game as much as we do.