Price of Water Skyrockets in Coalinga CA

The prices are only going up in Caolinga California.

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By: George Chami, Journalist

Have you ever run out of water? If you have you know what these people in Coalinga California are feeling.

There has been a massive drought in these areas of California. Prices have greatly increased because of this. The city used to pay around $114,000 for this basic necessity of life. Now because of these uprising issues it has topped over a million dollars. Usually the water given to Coalinga is by an aqueduct running through San Luis Reservoir, about 70 miles northwest of the city, but because of California having this megadrought, water is scarce. The US Bureau of Reclamation has lessened the amount of water Coalinga can take by over 80%. That restriction left Coalinga short of about 200 million gallons. Peoples water bills in these areas have increased over a 1000%. Since California is a very rural area they have many farms, which have been affected by this. To grow only one of their crops, walnuts, it would costs upwards to $40,000 more than what they used to pay.

This intensifying drought only grows more and more as water becomes more scarce in California as they soon will have no money left to pay for the water.