What Earth would be like without humans


People have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. This is what would happen if humans went extinct. In the first couple of hours all of the earths electricity will power off because no one is there to keep the fossil fuels running, windmills and any other sources powered by solar panels will continue to run for only a few more days. After a week all household pets and farm animals will die due to starvation. Large breeds of dogs and zoo animals would escape and start hunting for food. After a month nuclear plants would cause major issues worse than the Chernobyl disaster. Animals would perish due to cancer caused by the radiation. Wildfires would last for days. Soon enough wildlife and plants will spread to the buildings, and our constructions will fall due to moss destruction. Eventually animals and plants will cover the planet, our air will start to get less polluted, and the Earth would be left abandoned.