An Honest Review of Chicken Shoot for the Nintendo Wii

Chicken Shoot

Chicken Shoot for the Nintendo Wii was developed by Frontline Studios, Calaris Studios, and Toonrax, and was published by TopWare Interactive, Destination Software, Zushi Games, Zuxxez Entertainment, and Fog Revolution. It was released on several platforms such as the Wii, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, Android, macOS, and Microsoft  Windows, but for this article,  I’ll be mainly review the Nintendo Wii version of the game.


Chicken Shoot performed poorly by video game journalist standards, receiving extremely terrible scores only rivaling M&M Kart racing for the Nintendo Wii. As a journalist from IGN states:

“For all the clucking about how Wii is perfect for light-gun-style games, Chicken Shoot just doesn’t fly. It’s got less meat than any McNugget and it doesn’t even taste good…”

Chicken Shoot clearly doesn’t have a fairly reputable background, in fact, its reputation is so bad there isn’t any public review from anyone. But everyone should always take any information with a bit of salt.

Personal Experience

The game starts with no cutscene, no title sequence, but a loading screen that immediately takes you to the menu selection. As you can see from the image on the right, the menu is looking pretty good already. Since I lack the optimal amount of friends to play multiplayer, I am forced to play this game by myself. With no other choice, I decide to play arcade mode since I lack the mental sustenance and will to play anything else. After selecting the difficulty, the first cutscene plays, revealing a middle-aged man waking up from a nap. Upon waking up, he makes the hard-thought decision to shoot up all his livestock.

The first action he takes is picking up his gun, which is just one step leading to the Great Poultry Massacre. You take the role of mass shooter as you find and kill as many (somehow flying) chickens as you possibly can. The premise of the game is to look at chicken, and shoot chicken, then repeat the same process eleven times. On during my third attempt, I lost all feelings in my fingers. On my fourth attempt, I lost any cognitive function that remained during the third attempt.



To conclude my thoughts of this classical piece of work. I will focus mainly on graphical interface, gameplay, and soundtrack. First off we have menu, it has the menu feeling vibe to it. If I had to compare it to an object, it would be expired milk, very bland. The gameplay is extremely repetitive, 93% of the game have you shoot chicken for hours at a time. The soundtrack developed tinnitus in my ears. Would not listen again.


Rating: 2 walnuts out of 267 metal springs.