An Engineer Builds World’s First Retractable Proto-Lightsaber

Since Star Wars was made a long time it was fitting that Hacksmith’s first real plasma lightsaber is steampunk.

By: Arjan Shankhi, Journalist

An Engineer Builds World’s First Retractable Proto-Lightsaber 

The First Real Retractable Lightsaber

The YouTuber James Hobson is known as “the Hacksmith”, who loves to turn sci-fi items into real-life sci-fi items. He and his team built the world’s first real retractable plasma-based lightsaber in the past four years.  This lightsaber doesn’t just include plasma but it also burns at titanium – melting over  4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The New Hilt Design 

Since Star Wars was made a long time ago it was fitting that Hacksmith’s first real plasma lightsaber is steampunk. Steampunk is a subset of science fiction that includes antique design aesthetics from the 19th century with present-day technologies.  Steampunk was great for the lightsaber design because the Hacksmith and his team would use a lot of gauge valves, regulators, brass, leather, copper tubing, and many more materials, which were perfect for this installation. The team added some EL wire and a neon bulb to the design to make it cool in the dark. Even with all the new gadgets and capabilities, the Hacksmith’s team will still have to make this into a proto-saber with a power pack isolated from the hilt. To have enough energy for a plasma lightsaber, they have to use liquid propane gas(LPG) which can produce 50 times more energy per kilogram. To turn propane into a superheated beam of plasma they need a large array of laminar flow nozzles to create a highly concentrated flow of gas to create a plasma beam.


How does  the Lightsaber work

First, turn on the propane. Next, turn on the oxygen with the safety glass. Finally, the sparker turned the lightsaber.


Different Blade colors

The Hacksmith’s team can color it by using salts. Boric acid can turn the blade color green. Strontium Chloride can turn the blade color red. Sodium Chloride also known as salt can turn the blade color yellow.  James Hobson used different salt to make the blade red, blue, green, yellow, and even amber!

Take Action 

There was a Guinness World record for building the first lightsaber. Even though this was a fantastic achievement, many people are wondering why this engineer built the lightsaber in the first place.  James’s mission was to make fiction into a reality and made this the foundation of his company.  He quit his job as a developer to make an impression made out of mechanical engineering that will turn fiction into a reality. James hopes to do more engineering projects of his own. Jame Hobson advises it to follow your most out-there creative impulses and make that impulse a reality. Hobson said, “there are people like you that have creative ideas and they are after the same thing, a future that seems like magic.”


Conclusion of the World’s First Lightsaber

This prototype shows to be extraordinary for a sci-fi item to be turned into a reality.  In the future, we can’t say what James Hobson has in mind for the lightsaber but the lightsaber could use a lot more fuel to last longer. We will have to see what Jane Hobson will do next to make the lightsaber even better.