Glow in the Dark Street Road Lines

By: Sydney Kiffney

Tarmac Landing is collaborating with Omni Grip and Vic Roads to do a trial run of glow in the dark road lines. The trial will be taken place on one kilometer of the road Metong Road in Victoria south east Australia. Similar tests have been done before in the Netherlands and other regions of Australia before. This regional Australian company is paving the path for nighttime road safety.

Photoluminescence is what was used to create the glow in the dark affect. It is what’s used in children glow sticks, toys, etc. Photoluminescence is the process where a molecule absorbs a photon in the detectable region, exciting one of its electrons to a higher electronic excited state, and then emanates a photon as the electron goes back to a lower energy state.

This groundbreaking innovation in driving safety will hopefully lower the amount of nighttime car crashes on this busy road. So far there is not enough data to see if it will actually decrease the number of crashes but researches are hopeful. Even a miniscule percent decrease in the amount of crashes can still save many lives and be a leap of progress