The Fast Growing Audience of Gamers Watching Gamers

By: Elias Rhee, Journalist

We all hear about streamers with people losing money, gaining a huge audience, or creating unnecessary drama. Although, this is all possible because of us, and the numbers are growing. The stakes are growing, and so is the audience. How far will streaming games go, what makes people watch others play, and explain how this future is inevitable.

Even if people have the ability or not to play the game the streamers show with their own abilities, people enjoy the experience and entertainment streamers provide with their daily schedule. When a similar connection is created between the audience and the streamer with the help of the game shown, people continue to return and grow. With the growing audience, streamers go the next level with their schedule and show a jaw dropping performance. Things aren’t slowing down with showing lives of people for months, to surviving risks. Streamers are always thinking to go to the next level, risking their lives and the trust of their audience, and people wonder when things will begin to slow down. I’d suspect when a streamer finally reaches a point of no return or death, will the community start to focus on safety and think more critically.

With the growing audience of these streamers, we can already imagine these streamers hurting themselves from being unique. I’d hate to see one of my favorite past times to become something dangerous and seen dangerously by the outside community. We cross our fingers with the future of these talented people.


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