Covid-19 and Food Delivery with Apps

By: Elias Rhee, Journalist

It’s been a few months after the pandemic and society slowly progressing to our previous lives. However, there seems to be one thing that still and will stick around, food delivery with the help of apps. After a whole year of the pandemic, restaurants decided all together to provide food delivery to let customers be in the safety and comfort of their homes. Today, we will look at the brands that helped build this kind of delivery, the changes it delivered, and how it will change our future.

With companies like Postmates and DoorDash, they provided food delivery with the help of purchases using their app. UberEats also worked with these food delivery apps to increase the number of workers for delivery. Most of these companies provide the same service, however UberEats stands out. A company originally designed to call taxis with the help of an app, and the revolution of a self driving car, Uber proceeded to provide a food delivery service and mentioned above, helped other delivery companies to provide more. Food delivery saved most restaurants from dying out and going bankrupt. Without the services of food delivery, we wouldn’t still have the enjoyable restaurants that still exist. The service convinced customers that they had the safety from the virus by eating at their homes and remain comfortable.

Food Delivery with apps will not disappear for this generation and a better version will be created. Even with the ability of dining out, people still decide to have food delivery to enjoy their favorite foods in their homes. It’s evident to notice that food deliveries will not die out.

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