Facebook’s METAVERSE

By: Elias Rhee, Journalist

We’ve all heard of Facebook, the social media platform used by everyone in the early 2000s. Today, it is still popularized by an older generation to share with others. The man, Mark Zuckerberg, who is known for multiple conspiracies around his face and his taste, announces a new future environment called the Metaverse. We will look into what this so-called Metaverse is, how this will impact, and the next move of this big project from Facebook.

Few years after Facebook’s purchase of Oculus, a company that provided a cheap alternative to the virtual reality that simulated an out of this world experience, the company’s name has been renamed to Meta to fit their new project, Metaverse. So how does this virtual reality connect to the Metaverse? Well, the Metaverse is a social area using virtual reality to escape actual reality itself. The Metaverse is planned to serve online currency and products in the near future. Blueprints and designs have already been shown by popular brands such as Nike or Gucci. Ideas spread from a dystopian world in “Ready Player One,” where everyone lives inside virtual reality, that is the dream Facebook wishes to make reality. This will change brands and restaurants to adapt to the change by joining the Metaverse or changing their methods of providing services. A world that is already built over an easier life style, people don’t suspect a bright future for humanity and their well being when the Metaverse is normal.

Facebook plans to build around its already created social space to provide comfort and entertainment. Currently, if you open your virtual reality headset, you can already immerse in the first steps of Facebook’s next project. Although there isn’t much information to share, people can only speculate on what is to come.



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