Devel 16

A car faster than a Bugatti Chiron.



By: Fox Burton, Journalist

The Devel 16 is a concept car with a horse power averaging around 5000. The Devel 16 comes with an astounding speed of 348 mph but also comes with an astounding price of $1.6-$2.2 million dollars. With 8v and 2000 horse power you can get the base model for 1.6 Million dollars. With 16v and 3000 horse power you can get the base model for about $1.8 million dollars. With 5000 horse power you can get the track only model for 2.2 million dollars plus. If this concept car becomes a production car it would be the single fastest production car yet. The Devel 16 was first showcased in 2013, and was launched in 2017. The Devel 16 is a very sleek car with a large interior. The car is so long because a 16v engine has to be fit inside of it. The inventors say that it has the power of ten supercars combined. This wonder only weighs 2300 kilograms because of its light weight carbon fiber body. All 16 pistons are high quality performance titanium pistons. The Devel 16 is an all wheel drive with a torque around 3757 pounds per feet. All in all this is a truly astounding and magnificent concept/hyper car.



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