What Is 10 Minutes Till Dawn?



Image from https://flanne.itch.io/10-minutes-till-dawn

By: Tony Nguyen, Journalist

10 Minutes Till Dawn is a roguelite survival game where you have to survive ten minutes without losing any hearts. You can select different characters/heroes, weapons, and upgrades.


In the demo version, there are four heroes that you can pick from.
Shana – Can reroll upgrades once per level. (3 hearts)(Free)
Monica – Starts with very high HP.(6 hearts)(1350 Tokens)
Scarlett – She throws out a wave that burns enemies for three damage per second on every third shot. (2 hearts)(3150 Tokens)
Hina – Summons a Shadow Clone that deals damage equal to your bullet damage when you right-click. (2 hearts)(3150 Tokens)


In the demo version, there are four weapons that you can pick from.
Revolver – A trusty, balanced weapon. Damage: 14, Fire Rate: 4.0, Projectiles: 1, Ammo: 06, Reload Time: 1.0(Free)
Shotgun: A short-ranged weapon that shoots many projectiles. Damage: 12, Fire Rate: 5.0, Projectiles: 4, Ammo: 02, Reload Time: 1.0(1350 Tokens)
Crossbow: Has a damage bonus when you stand still. The damage bonus resets when you move. Damage: 20, Fire Rate: 4.0, Projectiles: 1, Ammo: 1, Reload Time: 1.0(3150 Tokens)
Flame Cannon: Bullets burn enemies for three damage per second. Damage: 3, Fire rate: 2.5, Projectiles: 1, Ammo: 12, Reload Time: 1.4(3150 Tokens)


When you level up from picking up the essence from the dead enemies, you get to pick an upgrade.
When you level up, you pick one ability from five choices. If you use Shana as your character, you can reroll your upgrades. For example, this is a full scale of what you can get if you pick an upgrade.

Pyro Mage: Your bullets have a 50% chance to inflict burn for three damage per second. This unlocks Fire Starter and Intense Burn.
Fire Starter: On every 4th shot, launch a fireball that deals 40 damage. The fireball also inflicts Burn to enemies in a large area for three damage per second. This unlocks Soothing Warmth.
Intense Burn – Burn Damage +35%. This unlocks Soothing Warmth
Soothing Warmth – When you inflict Burn, there is a 0.5% chance to heal you for 1 HP.

There are a total of 40 upgrades that you can pick. Once you get the upgrade, you go back to battling the enemies. Once you get another upgrade, you have a chance to get a stronger upgrade from that choice that you picked.
For example, if you pick the Pyro Mage and get another upgrade, you can get either Intense Burn or Fire Starter.


When you survive three minutes, a boss appears. Once you kill the boss, it spawns a treasure. It has an upgrade, and you have a choice to pick it or not.
Once you survive five minutes, another boss appears. When you fight this boss, a particular area appears that limits your movement. Once you kill this boss, you can pick one special upgrade out of three.
Tone of Power: Bullet Damage +50%, Bullet Size +100%, Piercing +1, Fire Rate -25%, Max HP -1.
Tone of Summoning: Summon Damage + 50%, Summon Attack Speed +50%, Reload Rate -50%.
Tone of Rage: Fire Rate +66%, Spread + 60, Bullet Damage -50%, Knockback -95%, Triple your base max ammo.
Once you survive six minutes, the particular area leaves. Then you have to endure an infinite swarm of enemies coming for you.
After you survive ten minutes, the game is over, and you get tokens for buying the characters and weapons. (One token for each second survived, One token for each enemy killed, and 100 tokens for each level.