An Honest Review of M&M Kart Racing for the WII

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M&M  Kart racing is a racing game created by Frontline and Calaris Studios, and published by Destination Software and Zushi Games, licenced by Nintendo for the Wii and DS in December 5, 2007. Due to the technological limits of the Wii the graphic is horrendously crummy. I will be reviewing the Wii version.


M&M kart racing is well known for being the worst game, so bad that it got an Guiness World Record Gamer Edition 2011 beating the second worst game Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway. It was also awarded the “Flat-Out Worst Game” from Gamestop and the “Best and Worst of 2008” award from the GameZone, but how about the peoples’ opinion? The audience rating is a 4.1/5 which is vastly different from Gamestop’s  2.9/5 rating. Ign claims that “M&M Kart Racing is yet another Mario Kart clone. On the other hand, one person’s review claims that “M&Ms Kart Racing is the greatest game of all time, and the pinnacle of human existence. This is the greatest achievement of human civilization…” -Seal Custard. With the game critic and the peoples’ review so vastly different. It’s up to personal experience now.


Personal Experience

Since I couldn’t get the physical copy of M&M copy I had to use unmethodical means to access this game.  After hours of downloading and consulting google, Upon

Loading Screen

booting the game, I was greeted with the entire cast of the M&M crew, the game loaded rather quickly and soon was met with the menu. The text was highly saturated and the background was a background, it was almost like a game. There many options to select from, quick race, training, arcade, and tournament. Since I didn’t want to spend another hour of my life I decided to play a game of quick race. There were three difficulties to choose from, easy, medium, and hard. After choosing the hard difficulty, it led me to the character/kart selection. There wasn’t much to offer in the character selection, so I picked Ms. Green and headed onto the kart selection. There were a plethora of vehicles and much to choose from, they all had stats that ranged

The repeating room

from speed, acceleration and stuff like that.  The only thing keeping me away from the menu would be the constant bombarded of “A tasty combination!” every 3 karts I looked at. Now you would think that most racing games would have some kind of map selections so you can choose your favorite racetrack. You thought wrong.  It went straight to Chocolate Factory, no consent was given. While I was racing and committing vehicular manslaughter, I noticed every single turn I take, the same room is repeated, over and over again. I turn right, same room. I take a left, same room. The controls were unique… as in, it turns like a rock and steering was motion controls so every 4 seconds I would hit my elbow on the chair.



This is my final, overall review of the game. The rating will be out of 15. 5 points for menu, 5 points for gameplay and 5 points for the soundtrack and racetracks. First is the menus, if I had to compare the menu to a certain item, it would be moldy ketchup, the text were slightly saturated, the background is a background and the constant “A tasty combination!” would’ve made me take a schizophrenia test, 2/5. The gameplay is as raw as it gets, just drive, barely any ramps, minor vehicular manslaughter, and coins that serve no purpose except buying 5 karts, 3/5. Finally for the soundtrack and racetrack. If I had to describe the entire OST of M&M Kart Racing Wii, it would be if they made the menu, and then made different variations for each racetrack. Now the racetracks itself, it was almost like the map makers had 3 hours to develop all the track, so they just made one portion, and copy and pasted it for most of the map. The gameplay was mind numbing since you had to see the same house, on the same street, on the same road for 3 minutes.

To summarize the review, If seven eleven was given a $7 budget and had to make a racing game about M&Ms this would be the product of said game. If you forced someone to play M&M Kart racing for the WII, you would probably be arrested for cruel and unusual punishments.


Rating: 5 sausages out of 7 beans