What Would Happed If You Went Light Speed



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Light speed

By: Ian Bilawski, Journalist


If you went light speed a lot of things would change around you but what are they. One of these effects are that time would slow down if you went light speed You will have been gone for a total of 9 Earth-years and about 1.24 years your time.  Also, their field of vision would change drastically. The world would appear through a tunnel-shaped window in front of the aircraft in which they are traveling. you also would be setting of exposition be hind you because air molecules can not fill in the area behind you fast enough causing and explosion. I how now you know the side effects of traveling a light speed.

Problems list

  • A slower speed of light
  • If you move at the speed of light all other lights would be slow you would turn on a switch and it would take a few seconds to turn on.
  • Color changes
  • All color would be a weird shade and hue because it would take time for the color to reach your eyes.
  • Changes to time and distance
  • Time would be slower for you than everyone else 9 Earth-years and about 1.24 years your time.
  • Changes to brightness
  • everything would be dimmer That’s because light sometimes behaves like a collection of particles, called photons.
  • Human’s sluggish speeds
  • you would be moving so fast everyone would look like they were not moving compared to you and to them you would be a blur.