Bugatti Divo: The Eight Million Dollar Car

And how it compares to the Chiron


“2018 Bugatti Divo, Mulhouse” by nigelmenzies is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

By: Jason Reznikov, Journalist

The Bugatti Divo is an 8 million dollar car that was released in 2020 for an initial price of about 5 million dollars. Only 40 of these incredible hyper-cars were made, and all of them were completely sold out. Now, they go for about 8 million dollars if you were to buy one used. The Bugatti Divo is the latest in a long of cars made by Bugatti since the start of the company all the way back in 1909.

The History

In 1901, Italian-born Ettore Bugatti created his own car known as the Type 2. In 1905, Ettore Bugatti built his second car, the Type 5. In 1909, Ettore started his own car company in Molsheim, France. The car company, known simply as Bugatti, produced their first ever car, known as the Type 18, from the years 1912-1914. Bugatti was a very racing-focused company, releasing several race cars over the years. However, one their most famous models from this time period was the Type 35. It remains the most successful race car of the time, with more than  2,000 victories over it’s 10 year lifespan and was the only race car at the time to be street legal. After the Type 35 and a few more race cars, Bugatti started making luxury cars such as the Type 41 “Royale” alongside it’s race cars. In 1991, Bugatti released the EB 110, a luxury supercar that began what we look at today as modern Bugatti. In 2005, Bugatti released their groundbreaking Veyron model, followed by many other versions and upgrades all the way until 2015, when Bugatti’s next car was released. This car, the Bugatti Chiron, was just as groundbreaking in 2015 as the Veyron was back in 2005. Just like the Veyron, The Chiron got many new models including the Super Sport 300+, the first production car to go over 300 miles per hour. Alongside these Chiron models, Bugatti also started releasing some extremely limited and exclusive cars. One of these cars was known as the Bugatti Divo.

The Divo

In 2020, Bugatti released what they call a “one-off” car. Named after the French racer Albert Divo, only 4o Bugatti Divos were ever built for the whole planet, with each car costing nearly 5 million dollars brand-new. All 40 of these cars were sold, so now you can only buy the Divo used. However, a used Divo isn’t as cheap as a new Divo, as it goes for about 8 million dollars. This makes the Divo a little less than 3 times the price of a standard Chiron. Unlike the Chiron, however, the Divo is not a speed-focused car. Although it is still an incredibly fast car with a top speed of 239 mph, it is mainly focused on it’s track performance. This means that the Divo has a large spoiler in the back to produce more downforce, thus controlling better on a race track. There are many track-focused additions like this to the Divo that are not present on the Chiron, such as a much bigger front splitter and significantly more light-weight carbon fiber on both the inside and outside of the car to reduce weight as much as possible. Overall, the Bugatti Divo is an incredible car and will join the rest of it’s Bugatti family as some of the greatest cars ever built.


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