Big Five Tech Companies: What are they known for?


Source: Devon Donerlson

“Trading stocks on a computer” by ota_photos is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

By: Henry Hung, Journalist

Big Tech, or Big Five, are the five most prestigious and dominant companies in the world. These “tech-giants” have created some of the most important and useful resources in today’s world. These companies are Alphabet(Google), Meta(Facebook), Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. These companies have created some amazing products like phones, computers, online databases, and new places to shop. They have also influenced many other companies to create other items that are used in today’s world.

Most people know Google as the superior search engine in the world. Google was first founded in 1998, making it the second-youngest Big Tech company. Besides its famous and well-known search engine, it has also created the world’s most used video sharing website, Youtube. Google also has a free service called Google Drivee, a service similar to Microsoft Cloud, where people can make documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, and drawings. Lastly, Google has also been competitive in the computer business, owning the Chromebook and Chromebox devices.

Next on the list is Meta, which is best known for Facebook, the social-media platform. Besides Facebook, the company has also created Instagram, another social-media platform, and Whatsapp, a cross-platform messaging system. Facebook and Instagram are the first and fourth most used social media systems, respectively. Other creations they have made include Oculus, a virtual reality device that allows users to experience video gaming at another level. Facebook Watch is a video system that allows users to video chat with relatives, friends and others. Overall, Facebook may not create computers and phones, but the amount of apps and ideas created have easily surpassed other companies to make it onto the list.

The common debate between an iPhone and Android has became an internet sensation, but Apple is not only known for that. Apple, first created in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Stephen Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, was first known for the Macintosh, one of the first personal computers designed for work. Surpassing the Macintosh has been the Macbook and Mac, two computers that were designed to be lighter and more flexible for todays technology. iPad, another device designed as a tablet, has been bought over 425 million times since its debut in 2010. Overall, Apple has also been known as the first company to reach three trillion dollars in value, making it the most valuable company in the world.

Fourth on the list is Amazon, known most for its world-famous shopping website, where users can buy any necessary items from food to clothing and devices. Amazon has notably made the Kindle, a tablet made to read books on the go. Since 2007, 90 million e-readers have been sold all around the world. Besides the Kindle, Amazon has released other tablets like the Amazon Fire, a tablet much cheaper than other tablets, that still has the same uses as iPads and Samsung tablets. Amazon has also made many investments, including buying the Washington Post, Whole Foods, MGM, and Twitch.

The fifth and last Big Tech company is Microsoft, which is the oldest of the five organizations. Microsoft has been the most important company in computer making, as most computers use Windows, a program designed by Microsoft. Microsoft has also made their own tablets and computers, called the Microsoft Surface. Microsoft also created Microsoft Cloud, where companies and schools around the world can create documents and secure them safely. Microsoft Cloud is included with Windows, meaning if someone’s computer has Windows, it will also have Microsoft Cloud.

Overall, all these five companies have a large impact on today’s technology. Without Google, it would be hard to find information online. Without Meta, most of the social media would be extinct. Without Apple, billions of people would not be able to use their Apple devices. Without Amazon, people around the world who depend on its service would be forced to use another website or go outside. Without Microsoft, the computers and tablet’s software would be irrelevant because of the influence Microsoft set on companies around the world.







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