Introduction To Digital Art

By: Skyla Tran, Journalist

Digital art is technological art, art made digitally, and is all over the internet nowadays. It’s being used for so many things like animation, video games, songs, comics, and even jobs in professional industries. Digital art can actually be used as a job as well, take being a freelance artist and getting paid for commissions as an example. Digital art has evolved a lot nowadays, and will likely evolve even more.

What we now call digital art used to be called computer art or new media art, but that has changed over time to a more diverse term. The term digital art can be up for interpretation, with how many things can fit into the category. Digital paintings and drawings, music tracks and mixing (considering music as a form of art), photographs and photoshop, 3D modeling and sculpting, animation, there’s literally so many things that are available to let out one’s creativity. Most usually think of digital art as digital drawing, though.

A tool that is used in many digital arts is a drawing tablet. Drawing tablets, like how the name says, can be used for drawing, but it can also be used for creating and sculpting 3D models. It makes things easier, with how instead of using a mouse, one would use a pen instead. Editing photos also becomes a lot easier as well. Make sure to have a good laptop or PC if you want to try out some drawing softwares, editing softwares, or anything like that because when working on digital art, good graphics is nice to have, and many digital art softwares require a good amount of space especially when working on big projects.

An interesting form of digital art that can be seen a lot are edited videos, animated music videos, movie CGI, etc. These things require a lot of video editing, which can be pretty challenging, but the end product can be very nice, and the work done along the way can be fun. Video editing is definitely a difficult and creative art form. It takes a lot of practice to be able to get an end product that you can really be proud of.