Which is better PC or Laptop?

Which do you think is better?



Acer Chromebook 11

By: Ali Iskandar, Journalist

Which would last longer

The key to lasting longer is heat. If the temperature of the pc/laptop is too high, it will damage the hardware. For example, the PC has a lot of space and air ventilation. Depending on which case you get for your PC the ventilation will differ, but the pc has a lot of ventilation. Now if for any reason one of your parts breaks you can easily replace it as for the laptop it’s not that easy.

Now the laptop has little ventilation and requires one large fan which will give less space for other components, and the computer has less ventilation. In conclusion, the PC wins for lasting longer.

Which is cheaper

For the PC, you can either buy a pre-built one or build one yourself. If you build one by yourself it will save 300-400. All the parts needed for building a PC are Cpu, Gpu, Psu, Ssd, Motherboard, Case, and RAM. For a normal PC to build it will cost 1700$ that’s with the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

For a laptop, you can’t build one by yourself, so you have to add the extra money, but even with that, you can get an additional mouse and monitor. A normal Laptop will run you about 1200$. So the Laptop wins for cost.


For performance, we will start with the PC. With the PC, you can switch the parts out for new ones that come out, so if you had enough money, you could theoretically have the best PC all the time, and because of the ventilation, the parts won’t get harmed as much. And it also looks cool.

For the laptop, you can’t switch out parts. If you want a better laptop, you have to buy a whole new one. Because of the restricted ventilation, the parts will harm the components, which will make the laptop run slower. So the PC wins for preference.


For the last topic, we will be talking about transport. The laptop is small and light, so you could bring it anywhere. The PC has a lot of components, like the keyboard mouse, and the big and heavy PC. If you were trying to travel, and you try to bring it, you might harm the PC, and you need a lot of ports to plug into the PC, so unless you have a place to stay, you can’t use it. So, the laptop wins this one.


So, in my opinion, a PC is better, especially if you like to play games.

A laptop is better for jobs, etc.