McLaren Elva

Is it worth your money?


By: Noah Yazdani, Journalist


McLaren has created many cars throughout the years, but none as significant as the Elva.  Capped at 2 million US dollars, the McLaren Elva is widely known as one of the most expensive luxury cars ever made.


The Elva has a really significant look.  It is one of the first cars to sport a specialized aerodynamic body.   It has air shafts running along the sides of the body to maximize speed and handling.  Each door is carefully constructed out of  super-formed aluminum and carbon fiber to make the car as smooth and light as possible.

You might have noticed, “Why doesn’t this car have a windshield?”  The McLaren Elva is the first car ever to be made with no windshield.  The front of the car has a wind shaft that pushes the air up creating a “bubble of calm” around the driver, giving the same feeling as if there were a windshield there.


Aside from the McLaren Elva’s beautiful shape, even more majestic, are the stats.  This Roadster can get up to maximum speeds of 326kph(203mph) with a grand 804 horsepower.  It can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, and stop from 60-0mph in 30 meters.  It has an engine capacity of 3,994 cubic centimeters.

The Elva has a high fuel efficiency, low weight, and a reasonably sized body of 4,611 x 1944 mm.

Personally,  I think there are many other car options available that will satisfy your needs, but if you care about speed, efficiency, and looks, then this is the car for you.

But, is it worth the price?




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