Why We Should Only Have Electric Cars

Having a electric car can save the lack of fossil fuels



“Tesla Supercharging in Gilroy” by jurvetson is marked with CC BY 2.0.

By: James Goodwin, Journalist

Why People Should Switch To Electric Cars

Electric cars are the hottest new way of traveling. The car is so spacious for going on trips with family or friends. People have to spend so much money on gas for gas cars and now that gas prices are so high now almost $5 per gallon it would be to much money just fill up a gas car. There are 21,000 charging gas stations in the United States. But if more people would get electric cars instead of gas cars, it would save gas and help fossil fuels and helping with preventing air pollution. If you get a electric car, you would save around 4000-5000$ in 5 years, and save about 80$ a month, depending on what kind of car you drive.


A Nicer Ride

Car motors can sometime be very loud when they have bad spark plugs, or even a little too much gas for the car.  But the tesla has a battery engine so its charged with power, so there is no need to have to change spark plugs or even check if your oil needs to be changed because it has none! The tesla has no key entry; you can use a tesla card or the Tesla app to unlock your car. The coolest part about the tesla is that it can drive itself. It’s like when your going on a long car ride; you can just put your car in park, press the autopilot on the screen, and you’re ready to roll.  Another cool thing about the tesla is that when your far away from your car, and you can’t get to it, just open the tesla app and press a button to turn it on, and make it come to your location so you wouldn’t have to walk far in nastiness. There are many Tesla models to pick from; there is the Model X , Model S, Model 3 and Model Y.  The fastest Tesla out of the 4 Tesla’s that are made is the Model S which is the fastest accelerating production car ever produced with a 2.4 second of a 0-60 second timer

Skip Charging stations

While your home, you can buy a tesla charging set to plug up at home, and just charge your tesla at home. it’s better the going out and waiting for your car to charge at a charging stop. Some electric charging stops make you pay to charge your car, so if you do it at home, it’s free, and if you have a solar powered house, you can charge your tesla, and it can power your house because of the sun.













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