Small House Living

By: Nada Musa Debeket, Journalist

A New Way Of Living

People all around America and the world are turning to a new trend, small house living. People prefer small houses because they consume less energy and heat which allows them to have a smaller carbon footprint. Smaller homes use less materials which makes them less expensive so they are suitable for everyone, plus you don’t have to pay so much money for electrical or wiring because the house is small for the perfect off the grid lifestyle.

Different ways of building a small houses   

Some people prefer to live in trailers while others rather build houses or turn a shed into a house. Most people use their creativity to make stunning houses with rooftops and a back deck or front deck. People add more rooms by expanding the small houses which makes them more fun to design

Tiny homes that people design are special about their interiors. People think of adding cabinets and storage is the key, being organized is equally important when designing your house because when you live in a small house you want the same amount of storage for you clothes,and important utensils. Live your best life with small house off the grid living.