What Is The Best Gaming Console Of This Current Generation?

Xbox Series X vs PS5 vs Nintendo Switch OLED


PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs Nintendo switch OLED

PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs Nintendo switch OLED

By: Jonner Zelaya Varela, Journalist

This is a debate that has been going on since 2020 ever since the Xbox and PS5 both came out at around the same time, but which console of this current generation is the best? For this debate we will also be looking at the Nintendo switch’s newest model, the OLED so let’s get right into it. I’m gonna start out with the controllers of each console, so the Xbox controllers are pretty disappointing because they haven’t really been upgraded from the last gen so it’s pretty much the same, also we will not be counting any other controllers so the Xbox elite controller won’t be on here; only the ones that you get with the console will count, the Xbox controller is very comfortable though; now we will look at the Nintendo switch’s controllers, so the controllers themselves are pretty bad, they’re way too small and have a dreadful amount of stick drift, but it is very versatile being able to be connected to the console, turned into a sort of Xbox controller with the controller grip, and being able to be held in separate hands so you don’t have to strain your hands. The PS5 controller on the other hand is out of this world, it has an integrated mic, haptic feedback for more immersive gameplay, and a touch-pad on top of the controller, it’s also just as comfortable as the Xbox controller so I think PS5 wins this round.

Let’s move on to versatility, so most of you guys should know which console is winning this round but we’re gonna look at the other ones anyways. The PS5 has a lot of functions that the Xbox simply does not have like the integrated mic or not having to put batteries into your controller, and the PS5 has a ton of accessories that make it a lot more useful like being able to connect a webcam or having a charging stand and things like that. Then there’s the Nintendo switch with the main selling point being the versatility, because you can put it on the TV, you can have it portable just in your hands like a tablet, and tabletop mode (which is pretty bad because the kickstand is atrocious, but they did end up fixing it with the new OLED), the controllers are pretty bad but they also do offer a lot of versatility as I mentioned before, so Nintendo switch wins this round.

We’re gonna move on to the big one that everyone’s been waiting for… specs! So honestly I think we can just eliminate Nintendo switch from this round because even a toddler could tell that it has pretty low specs, so now it’s just gonna be between Xbox and PS5. The Xbox Series X uses an AMD Zen 2 CPU and runs at 120hz and can go to 120fps while running on 4k! which is REALLY good, especially for a gaming console, it also has 1TB of storage which is insane. The PS5 uses an AMD Zen 2 CPU, has 120hz, and can also run on 120 fps while using 4k!, but it just gets beat by Xbox on the storage with 825GB, so I guess Xbox wins this round. If you haven’t noticed already, these consoles offer a lot of different things and are good at different things, so it doesn’t really matter which one you get as long as it has what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for specs, then Xbox Series X is the way to go, if you’re looking for versatility, then get a Nintendo switch OLED, but if you’re looking for the most advanced, then get the PS5.