This Logo Is On Many Online Games

When you load an online game, sometimes you see this logo


“Unity-Logo” by laboratoriolinux is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

By: Phu-Duc Nguyen, Journalist

If you have ever played an online game, chances are you’ve seen this logo or something similar. The logo you see here is the Unity game engine logo. But what does that even mean?

What is Unity?

Unity is a free game engine. There are more free game engines, but we are going to talk about the Unity game engine. You can make different types of games such as fps games, racing games, platformer games, and many other different types of games. Even though most online games using unity as an engine are simple, you can still use unity to make a massive project. Some examples of games that are made in Unity are Genshin Impact, Among Us, Fall Guys, Overcooked, and so much more.


To hide the Unity logo watermark, you must buy a license to Unity. Even though the watermark could be annoying at times, people still use the free version of unity because, for most people, the license is not worth it.  Most small games are not made by companies, but by a small group of people or even just one person. Since companies have more money, they can buy the license. That is also why very popular games in Unity don’t usually show the watermark. They have enough money to make buying the license worth it.


The logo you see in many online games is the Unity logo. There are many watermarks because unity as a free engine is way more worth it than a paid license for the vast majority of people. Everyone can get unity. Even you can get unity. You don’t need any education to start unity. You can go to Unity’s website and download it there. On YouTube, there are many tutorials on how to use unity.



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