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Why You Shouldn’t Play Games Like The Blue Whale Challenge



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By: Marija Petrushevska, Journalist

The Blue Whale Challenge

The Blue Whale game started in 2016; it only appeared in few countries. Kids would get messages on Instagram or other apps that started off friendly, but then turned in to a serious matter. The messages would be like “If you don’t play the game I will find where you live and you will have to face some consequences.” This game had 5o days of tasks assigned to the player. The challenges started simple, from watching TV, to self-harm and finally suicide.


How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Involved

The easiest way to not get involved is to ignore the message. Make sure not to block the sender because that way you can become their target. If you do click on the link don’t delete the app. Just ignore it, because in some scenarios the app becomes permanent for a while. Make sure to tell your parents and don’t try to handle it by yourself.  They send these messages to scare people.


Some Of The Challenges The Game Assigned

All of the tasks this game assigned to you were unusual. One of easier tasks they assigned was to not talk to anyone the whole entire day. From easy tasks they went to more dangerous tasks like to poke yourself with needles. They also had tasks to take a walk with someone else who was playing the game. Another scary task is you had to go to a roof and sit on the edge.


Similar Games To The Blue Whale Challenge That No One Should Play

There are few games similar to the Blue Whale Challenge. Fair Fairy is one of them, this game has kids ply with the gas in the stove. Another game is Mariam’s Game, players are asked to help her find her way back home while it’s asking you a lot of personal information. Some other games are The Cutting Challenge, Five Finger Fillet, etc. Games like this shouldn’t be played, because they can cause serious injuries.


TV Shows With Games Like The Blue Whale Challenge

There are TV shows that show the consequences of this type of games. A popular show is Squid Game in which characters play nine different dangerous games to win money. Another show is Alice in Borderland, this show also has dangerous games in which the characters die. An anime is Darwin’s game, which has online game in which characters die. This are entertaining shows that show you the danger of games like The Blue Whale Challenge.

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Take action:

DO NOT participate in Blue Whale challenge or related challenges.