All About The Nintendo Switch OLED

By: Noah Siegel, Journalist

In the past we have gotten 2 different Nintendo Switch models, The Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. In October 2021 the Nintendo Switch OLED came out.


The Nintendo Switch OLED has the exact same specs as the older Nintendo Switch meaning it is definitely not the long awaited Nintendo Switch pro that supports 4k. The main upgrade in the Nintendo switch OLED is the screen. As you could probably tell by the name, The screen is OLED meaning it is more high quality in terms of colors, viewing angles, and many other things. The screen is also bigger with a 7 inch display instead of the 6.2 inch display on the switch lite. It also has a wider kick stand that goes across most of the back. The older Nintendo Switch had a flimsy kick stand that a lot of people complained about. It has 64gb of storage which is twice as much as the older model. The speakers are also better, making them more clear.


The performance of the Switch OLED could definitely be better. Although it has exactly the same specs as the normal Nintendo switch it is four years older. The world of console gaming has developed a lot since 2017. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X came out and they are more powerful than some PC’s. If you are planning on upgrading, don’t expect any changes in terms of specs.

Build of the console

The build of the switch OLED is very similar to the build of the Nintendo Switch. The packaging is smaller and more compact and the controllers come in a modern looking white.


If you are planning on buying a Nintendo Switch, The extra $50 is probably worth it. If you are planning on upgrading, You probably won’t notice any major differences between the two.

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