How To Never Miss A Basketball Shot

Never Missing Basketball Hoop


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By: Eric Yang, Journalist

Have you ever thought while playing basketball how nice it would be to never miss a shot again? Shane Wighton the YouTuber and engineer took this matter into his own hands and created a basketball hoop so that you will never miss a shot again. The automatic hoop automatically adjusts to the perfect position to make the basketball go into the hoop.

The process of calculating the perfect position for the basketball backboard starts with sensing where the person taking the shot is. It does this by sensing everything that is going on inside of the room.  It graphs out the trajectory of the ball to figure out where it is going to land using an Xbox sensor.   The backboard then takes all of those calculations to figure out where it needs to move for the basketball to go in.

Wighton says that the biggest challenge was that there was a very limited time between the throw and the time it hits the backboard. The machine needs to make its calculations very quickly for it to adjust to the perfect position. There are roughly 600 milliseconds between the shot and when the ball hits the backboard. This is why Wighton made it so that movement was the number one priority.

With that in mind, Wighton made it so that the hoop had three different motors so that it was able to adjust very quickly. The three motors are also connected to one singular joint so that the hoop can move collectively.

If you are wondering about how the hoop functions and want to see it in action see Wigton’s (Stuff Made Here) video.

This new invention is very exciting although it was intentionally made for a YouTube video. This is because it introduces an entirely new realm of sports technology by automating aspects of different sports. Just think about how much sports could be improved just by automating little parts of the game that take lots of effort to complete such as getting the ball once it is out of bounds, providing drinks, or even preventing injuries and much more.


Robotic basketball backboard makes sure you sink every shot

Robotic Basketball Hoop v2


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