The Advancement of CPU Processors


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By: Adam Najmeddine, Journalists

CPU Processors

The Central Processing Unit, CPU, is the most important part of the whole computing system. The CPU is the brain of the computer and provides instructions for the computer to function. The more upgraded a CPU is, the faster it completes tasks. The Intel 4004 was the first CPU, invented in 1971. It used the latest silicon technology developed and it began the beginning of the Intel empire.


Multicore Processors

A multicore processor consists of two or more CPUs “cores” and work in parallel. Think of it like a parallel circuit, when adding more batteries, more current is produced. It works the same with multicore processors. They have multiple cores to perform tasks at a higher speed. It acts as multiple CPUs working together. The advantage of a multicore processor is the power consumption and reduces the overall heat. The structure of the processor allows for top quality communication. between the parts. The way that the multicore communicates data to the motherboard intensifies performance compared to a normal CPU running at the same speed.


The Future of Computing Processors

With the development of new processors, computers run faster than ever. New computers with strong processing systems can calculate data in seconds. The invention of the supercomputer and quantum computer have brought upon society a race for the strongest computer. Quantum computers are 100 million times faster than a classical computer. These computers use “qubits”, which are the quantum version of bits. Normal bits used in classical can only take one value, 0 or 1. On the other hand, qubits can take both values at once, using a physics phenomena called superposition. It can store more information than a bit, making it much faster.



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