What Are T-Cells and How Do they Relate To Covid-19


By: Brian Trong-Khanh Nguyen, Journalist

What are T-Cells


T-Cells are a part of the immune system that trigger the immune response and kills any cells that are infected with viruses, but they also responds to tumors and allergens. During infancy the T-Cells develops immunity against common pathogens and antigens. They are first located in the bone marrow (spongy tissue that are located inside some bones) but then as you mature the thymus. They are one of the most important piece of the immune system, having the ability to eradicate any virus infected cells they encounter, hence the name “Killer” T- Cell.

T-Cell’s Relation With the Covid-19 Vaccine

How most vaccines  generally works is by familiarizing our immune system to effectively kill diseases causing said virus by injecting dead versions of the virus for the immune system to familiarize with. On the other hand, the Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t use the dead Covid-19, it insteads works by stimulating your immune system which then the T-cells teaches the b-cells how to make antibodies to eliminate the virus. The T-cells also have a second function, and that is to coordinate a response and alert the immune system of a virus.

What happens if you lose a large amount of T-Cells

If you were to lose a majority of the T-Cells and the population depletes, you’ll start becoming asymptomatic, then eventually the CD4+ T-Cells dies off so much that you experience opportunistic infections. After this, you’ll start having AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, this then will lead to death. So it is incredibly important to have a healthy amount of T-cells.


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