Did Valorant Overtake CSGO?

Is Counter Strike still the king?



Image Source: Promotional Image from Riot.com

By: Tiendan Le, Journalist

After the release of Valorant, people knew the king of First Person Shooters (FPS), CSGO, finally had a worthy competitor to take the place of best FPS. The initial beta for Valorant had a peak viewer point of 1.7 million, and after playing CS for so long, the new agent-based shooter was a fresh breath for their players, who have been playing the game for years on end.


  • Agent-based shooter means this game has more niche roles and more diverse gameplay than other games in which all players have the same utility.
  • In both gameplay aspects and look, a more modern feel, from the maps to the skins.
  • Abilities can change the tides of games single-handedly and make for an intense experience.
  • Valorant is much easier to get into than its counterparts. It’s more about gameplay than gunplay, and it’s more about strategy than tactics. Holding down the trigger will not ensure you win.
  • Vanguard anticheat is one of the best anticheats ever made for FPS games.
  • The game is relatively new, so new strategies and plays are always being discovered daily.


  • Slower than Counter Strike (CS), its older competitor, it may feel more boring.
  • Less skill is needed to be better, as the gunplay is simple to master, and abilities for some agents are very overpowered.
  • Valorant is less diverse when it comes to community maps and such. CS has a plethora of servers that are not based on the First Person Shooter (FPS) aspect, like surfing servers, which is just parkour and no FPS aspects at all.
  • 3rd party matchmaking servers like FACEIT and ESEA can give rewards for playing, whereas Valorant does not have anything of the sort.
  • Less maps to play on and less game modes to play in.
  • Buying skins is harder, as you need to wait until it appears in your shop, while in CS you can buy any skin at anytime.


As of right now, Valorant has not taken the throne from CSGO as the best tactical shooter. While both have their pros and cons, they are good games with loyal fanbases. Valorant will remain a competitor to CS, and only time can tell who ends up at the top of the market.








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  • Find and press the button that says “PLAY FREE”.
  • Now you click on the button that says “MAKE ONE”.
  • From there enter your email and it will prompt you with user details for your Valorant account.
  • After you are done making your account, click on the download button.