Apple Arcade: Two Years Later

Does a two year old gaming service still hold up?


“Hardware That You Need To Play Apple Arcade Games” by seymourlemieux is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Oliver Tabbal, Journalist

Apple Arcade is a monthly subscription for mobile games that was released in 2019. It costs $4.99 a month or $60 a year, which is not that bad compared to what you get. There are over 230 games, all for five dollars a month. On top of that, most of these games are exclusive to Apple phones. You can also use controllers on some of the games to get an experience more like console games. Another main feature of all of these games is no ads and no microtransactions. Apple Arcade removes the two things that most people do not like about mobile games! Again, all of this is for $60 a year, which is as much as buying one main console game.

Apple Arcade has grown a lot in the past two years since its release. At the start, it only had 50 games, and only a few favorites among the group. Now Apple Arcade has over 230 games, and more to come. Some people might even say this is too many options, but of course, you do not have to play every single game. Most of the games are way higher quality than you would expect on your phone. Out of the many games available, here are some that can be showcased.

‘What the Golf!’ is a goofy, thrilling puzzle golf game. It consists of multiple worlds with multiple levels, each with its own unique way to play golf. You can play golf with exploding gas barrels, golf with a literal person, control a gas-propelled barrel, and so much more.

‘Threes+’ is a puzzle game in the same category as the classic game 2048. You match up 1s and 2s to make 3s, 3s to make 6s, and so on. Each number has its own personality and it keeps you playing the game to see how high numbers you can get. ‘Threes+’ is incredibly addicting and fun to play for a very long time.

‘Bad Chess+’ is an incredibly fun take on chess, taking strategy and throwing it completely out of the window. Every single piece is randomized, which makes every game different and extremely fun to play and watch. You don’t have to be remotely good at chess to rise up the ranks in Bad Chess+.

‘Crossy Road Castle’ is a platformer using Crossy Road characters in an infinitely tall tower instead of an infinitely long road. You have to climb the tower, kill enemies, collect coins, and unlock new characters. Anything using the Crossy Road franchise is sure to be good, as it is one of the most popular mobile games ever.

‘Exit The Gungeon’ is a great take on a sequel to ‘Enter the Gungeon’. It takes a 2D style and manages to make fun, action-packed gameplay. ‘Exit the Gungeon’ is a dungeon or “gungeon” crawler where you have to go through many different rooms to make it to the end.

‘Sneaky Sasquatch’ is very similar to Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley. You run around, doing everyday tasks like driving, fishing, eating or working your way up the ladder in a job. You start at a camp, and you can’t be seen moving by anyone. After a little bit, you can disguise yourself, have multiple cars and boats, and be the president of a company. It is so interesting to work your way up and accomplish so much from where you start.

All of these games appeal to their own audience and different people, but there is something for everyone. There is a very good reason to buy Apple Arcade if you would like to play any sort of game on mobile because there will be something for you. There has to be at least a few games on there that would appeal to your interests. $5 a month is not a lot for the amount of content you are getting. You can also get a free trial once with a new Apple phone and other free trials from special deals. If you play mobile games but don’t have Apple Arcade,