How To Build A PC


Source: njt1982

This is how your PC might look when finished

By: Desmond Kraft, Journalist

Building a PC is becoming a more desirable thing every day. With COVID wreaking havoc on the world, many gamers are building high-end PCs  to play games. If you are one of these people, you have come to the right place. To begin building your PC, first you will need parts. you can get parts from real stores or online(link in the take action section). to start, here is a list of the parts you will need, and what they all do.

Case: this hold all of the parts

RAM: this stores values for the CPU, kind of like short term memory

CPU and motherboard: this does all of the actual computing work(math, executing instructions)

SSD and/or hard drive: this stores files, kind of like long term memory

Cables: this connects all of the parts of your computer together

Fans: this keeps your CPU cool

GPU: this does all of the processing for graphics(what’s on your screen). It’s usually very big.

PSU(power supply unit): this takes power from the outlet and distributes it to the different parts of the computer

Now that you have all of the parts and know what they do, you will need to put them together.

Step1: Put the CPU in the motherboard, there is a slot to clip it into.

Step2: Add the SSD to the motherboard, there is a holder to unscrew, then put the SSD in, then screw the holder back in. (You might not do this now depending on your parts.)

Step 3: Add fans, there are plenty of varieties, the instructions that come with the case will tell you how to install yours.

Step 4: Add the ram, similar to the SSD, but a different slot.

Step 5: Add the PSU, it will screw or clip into your case, probably near the bottom.

Step 6: Make sure the cables for the motherboard are threaded through the right places, then screw in the motherboard and plug in the cables.

Step 7: Add the GPU to your motherboard. It will fit in the longest slot in your motherboard.

Step 8: Add the SSD if you didn’t in step 2(if you didn’t in step 2, it will go in a different slot), and the hard drive. there will be some slots somewhere in your case for this.

Congratulations! You put together your new PC. There are other things to do, like install an OS, buy a keyboard,  mouse, buy a headset and monitor, but that is a different topic. Enjoy your gaming!