How Does a Keyboard Work

“Computer keyboard” by is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

By: Seth Heironimus, Journalist

Have you ever wondered how your keyboard works? Well a keyboard has many keys and when one of them is pushed it closes a circuit and a signal is sent to the computer. A keyboard is like kind of like it’s own mini computer. It has a processor, circuitry and a small part of that makes up the key matrix which is the circuitry underneath every key and all of the keys circuits are incomplete so when you press a key it completes the circuit.

So this is how your keyboard gets and sends the info to the computer. A keyboard finds out what key is pressed by using the character map. The character map shows the processor what keys make what letters and what combination of keys does what like for instance it tells what Ctrl + C does and other commands like that. So next time you use a keyboard you’ll know how it works.


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