Finding The Perfect Running Shoes

The Main Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking For Running Shoes


“rejected running shoes – salomon men’s xt wings gtx – _MG_1875” by sean dreilinger is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

By: Camryn Swift, Journalist

Shoes have been known to be used for centuries by humans. Everybody uses them, either for style, comfort, or support. Shoes are the main factor that runners look into when they start running. These shoes have to be perfect in order for a runner to be successful. Some people may ask, what about the $100 Nike shoes make them so great? Do certain shoes cause injuries? Do some lead to success? Which one truly makes you run faster? 

Every human body is different. That’s why it’s so difficult to find the right shoe for you. As a runner, I know that I need a shoe that elevates my foot and cushions it so I don’t feel like I’m running barefoot. The soles of the shoes are a huge factor on deciding if a shoe is right for you. Depending on the material, you could run for hours without worrying or noticing about your feet. If you don’t have proper running shoes, you possibly could get injured from all the pounding.  

There are three things you should look for in your shoes. Are they flexible? Running is very complicated and your foot moves a lot. If your shoe isn’t flexible, you foot will be extremely uncomfortable. Do they support your foot? When running for hours, your feet tend to get tired. If your shoe doesn’t have support, you can easily roll your ankle or injure your foot even worse. Your shoe needs to support all of the bones and muscles that are in your foot. Are they durable? Is the shoe going to fall apart the first week you use it? Can it endure all of the pounding and the hours of use? Your shoe needs to be durable! You want one that will last you as long as possible. Connecting it to support, if your shoe is flimsy, it’s not supportive.

Running is great for your mental and physical health. Running is so easy to fall in love with once you have the right shoe. Next time you’re watching the Olympics, think about the shoes that brought these athletes to their success.