Glorious Model D vs. Model O

What’s the Difference?


Promotional Photo From Glorious PC Gaming Race.

By: Noah Yazdani, Journalist

Glorious PC Gaming Race has produced many PC accessories, including keyboards and mouse pads. The products that are most well-known, is their mouse.  Many gamers around the world have probably heard about these mice, the Glorious Model O and Model D.  Both of them are known for their clean drag, smooth butterfly, and jitter clicking, but have you actually wondered, what is the difference?


Both the Model O and Model D have the same general look.  Both models have a firm shell design and nice RGB lighting. Though if you look closer, you can notice some small differences in both of them.

Even though both are known for their light weight smooth feeling, the Model D is slightly heavier than the Model O.  The Model D’s design is similar to the Model O, except for the fact that the Model D is taller than the Model O.  The Model O has a skinnier body, with the front curved slightly more to the bottom of the mouse than the Model D.   The side of the Model D is slanted, and some say that it is more comfortable.

The Model O feels smaller in the hand with an ambidextrous shape, which is good for both hands.  They have a total of six buttons, but the Model D side buttons are a lot bigger.  The sensors on the mouse are amazing, with a wide CPI range that works if you move your mouse fast or slow.  The Glorious Model O is 1.48 inches tall and 5.04 inches long, whereas the Model D is 1.49 inches tall and 5.11 inches long.

In conclusion, both of these mice are exceptional for gaming and other uses.  I hope you can find the right mouse for you!


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