Levitation Devices Are The Future

how levitation devices impact current trains today


this is a image of Chūō Shinkanse train


By: Nada Musa Debeket, Journalist

A levitation device is an electromagnet. To make one you must have good batteries, wires and magnets. You also need a metal base for it to work, but if your magnet is strong enough then you can use wood or any good base for the conductors to work. Now all you need to do is make an electromagnet. Attach coils of wire and batteries to a magnet then attach it to your base and put a clear glass top so that you can see it clearly and put a magnet on to and turn your creation on and see it float.

You can use a levitation device to elevate something like a hovertrain many places attempt to make a hover train but it will be costly and you will need a lot of materials so far there has been only one successful train the Chūō Shinkansen in Japan fun fact about the train is that it’s the fastest train in the world it travels 314 mph (miles per hour) levitation devices are the future of our transpiration and our entertainment.

Hover devices are fascinating and have a cool way of hovering although they might seem complex you can make an easy version all you need is two simple items two magnets they must be circle and hollow and a rod that fits the center put one magnet on top of the pole and on the name side of the second magnet if you see it float than you did it right. Magnets are a fun way to spend time with science for any age.


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