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Basic Things You Should Know About Tesla




By: Marija Petrushevska , Journalist

Tesla Introduction

Tesla is a strong company that is known for their cars. It was founded on 07/01/2003. Most Tesla cars cost about $44,990-$129,990. These cars are produced in a factory that is in Fremont California.  Tesla has a goal, that goal is to have people stop relying on fossil fuels and instead use heat pump energy.  That’s why Tesla made it’s own unique cars to prove that cars who don’t use gas can be used the same way as cars that do, but they won’t pollute the environment.


Tesla’s Battery

Tesla works on batteries, the way they work is simple. The battery stores and releases energy, that’s how the car is powered. This car has to be charged, unlike the other cars who have to use gasoline. For right now there are only two types of batteries for Tesla’s. Because this car works on batteries it doesn’t pollute the environment.


Tesla’s First Car Model

Tesla’s first model was the Roadster. This model was released on February 2008.  It costs around $200,000. The Roadster has a range of 620 mi and it’s top speed is over 250 mph. This car is known for being one of the quickest cars in the world.


Latest Tesla Car Model

Tesla’s latest model was all-electric Model Y compact SUV. This model was released on March 14, 2019. This model costs around $58,990. Model Y has a range of 303 to 330 mi and it’s top speed is 155 mph. This car is known for it’s advanced driving system and as well this model is self driving.


Tesla’s Highest Rated Car

Tesla’s Model S is considered as one of the best cars. This model was relisted in 2012. It costs around $94,990. This model’s range is from 396 to 405 mi and it can weight 4,561 to 4,766 Ibs. Also this model won the “car-of-the-year” award.

The first Tesla Model 3 Deliveries tonight!!!!

Image Source: “The first Tesla Model 3 Deliveries tonight!!!!” by jurvetson is marked with CC BY 2.0.

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