LED Lights – What To Know About Them And How They Are Used

Mechanics Behind LED Lights Changing Color & More



Source: Peter Malinowski/InSite 2011

“Interior Nightclub Design | LED Lighting Technology | Nightclub Bar and Lounge Design | Envy Nightlife, by I-5 Design and Manufacture” by I-5 Design & Manufacture is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By: Emerson Cruz, Journalist

LED Lights are used for making people’s rooms look nice and colorful, that’s why lot’s of people nowadays really want to buy LED Lights, but what makes them change color is the different photons and wave’s that change each light at a time. LED Lights are more complicated than you think because such little steps are involved in making them change color. They use different kinds of photons and other materials inside to keep them running. They rarely die out because of how long they can last while they’re on before dying out. LED Lights have been around for more than 50 years, and are still used and seen around everywhere today.



The “LED” part of the name stands for “light-emitting diode” which then puts in the meaning of everything included in LED Lights. When an LED light is on, we can see a certain color. And this color depends on the level of energy emitted by the semiconductor used. A single LED can display light in only one color choice. In the past few decades, LED’s have changed the way we see our cities, our homes, our rooms, and just the plain sight of them around. Slight changes in the composition of these alloys change the color of the emitted light.


Some LEDs can have different choices in how they show light, it depends on which one’s you buy. Some can react to music and copy the sounds of the song, change color on its own, pause on a certain color, etc. Many different options you can choose from and just got to find the correct ones.











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