The evolution of technology during the pandemic

Technology during the Pandemic might have changed everything.

By: Elias Rhee, Journalist

The pandemic was a difficult time for all of us, we had to adapt and still work, do online school, and forget our outside lives. However, that doesn’t stop the advancement in technology. We’re coming a long way and the pandemic sure didn’t stop it. Businesses took a huge advancement on their websites and technology to match the environments for everyone at home. Schools found a way to proceed with the school year with online call systems. Entertainment made its way into our homes. The pandemic took things from people, but we made the most of it.

Businesses were in a state of bankruptcy since there were no customers, however, the planning committee came up with ideas to make use of the pandemic. They advanced their websites for people to use more easily and fast, they focused more on online marketing, and they kept things fresh. On products, businesses were focusing on the safety of their customers and made sure products were shown online for online purchases to be more common. Schools had a difficult time with making sure of students’ education. Schools were out for a couple of months and things seemed to go downhill every day. Things needed to change and adapt fast, so they came up with the same idea with meetings done at businesses. Online call systems were being used around the globe to ensure the education of children and their safety. A difficult task at first, since no one knew how things were rolling, however things smoothed out after a few months of practice. The virus slowed down and now schools are back up and running. Entertainment is a high priority to people around the world. People need entertainment throughout the day to fuel them for other activities. Entertainment industries came up with the idea to do online streaming services such as Netflix. This idea became a big hit and other big industries started to follow. These industries grew much more in popularity and grossed out a ton of money. These industries came up with this idea for the pandemic, but now it’s here to stay.

Technology has come a long way this pandemic, and it’s still not slowing down. There are other technology advancements that are not listed in this article, and others can proceed with the similar articles listed below, or find more information with the help of the technology on their hands. The virus is still here, and things are taking another turn, however we as people are prepared and we have a few advancements in our hands.

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