Enchroma CX


By: Aafreen Ali

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How the world looks for color blind people Source- Parts People

With these glasses, the color-blind are able to see certain colors for the first time. Color blindness, or color vision deficiency (CVD), is a condition that affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. They either acquire or have a genetic predisposition to the condition. People with color blindness are not blind to color entirely. Instead, they have a reduced ability to see certain colors, the most common being red and green, in normal light. They might not be able to distinguish certain colors from others at all.

Enter the Enchroma CX glasses. These glasses help the color blind see colors by cutting out certain wavelengths to enhance specific colors of light. This way, the colors these people have the most trouble seeing are separated and easily visible to their eyes. These glasses solve a large problem for color blind people, because it’s hard to live in a world without some colors. Not being able to distinguish red or green means they’d have trouble telling when a traffic signal turns red or green. Some foods may look absolutely repulsive to them as well, making them more picky and fussy over food. Many more problems exist, including color blind discrimination and problems with employment due to fussy employers. While the Enchroma CX cannot solve them all, it can solve most. However, the glasses do not work at night, so the problem of driving at night is still unsolved.

This relates to engineering because it solves a common problem with an easily accessible solution. Now, many of the problems color blind people face can be solved rather easily.

Source- http://enchroma.com/