FBI vs CIA: The STEM Behind Them


“Atmospheric Technology” by Savannah River Site is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Henry Hung, Journalist

Two of America’s most important government units, the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the CIA(Central Intelligence Agency), hold some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Some of these jobs that both units hire are STEM-related. For starters, the FBI works domestically in the United States, while the CIA covers international affairs. The FBI requires most of their workers to have STEM experience.

Special Agent Avatar Lefevre says that” also analysts, engineers, and a variety of scientists and other professionals who help solve crimes through the analysis of DNA, fingerprints, trace evidence, and other cutting-edge methods.”

The CIA also hires many people in the STEM industry. However, because of working internationally with or possibly against other countries, the CIA sets a higher standard for their jobs. Everyone in the security section is required to have a STEM-related degree. They have to show great problem-solving skills to international security threats. Because of rising problems across the world, they have to be quick and accurate with their decisions.

FBI offers many STEM jobs, some with extremely high credentials. One of their most important jobs is as a biologist. They are in charge of analyzing DNA from suspects and victims. Their job can help save the many lives at stake. Another position is the Computer Scientist, who attempts to stop domestic cyber problems and threats. They work in cultured environments where they have to quickly solve problems as they come.

The Science, Technology, and Weapons Analyst is one of the most unique jobs at the CIA. They get to work with military officers and region specialists on analyzing different weapons and cyber welfare. For others who are still working for their degrees, the department also offers student fellowships and STEM programs. These programs allow undergraduate and graduate students to survey major cyber security issues and economic matters. These programs require thorough medical and background checks, as the CIA wants the best students in their programs.

Overall, both of these units hire many unique and important STEM jobs. Both departments are very important for the security in the country, and they depend on STEM. The FBI’s STEM jobs look through domestic violence problems, cyber issues, and the welfare of the people, while the CIA looks through the principal fundamentals of the well-being of people around the entire world.










FBI: http://fbi.gov

CIA: http://cia.gov