How Gaming Consoles Are Better Than You Think

Gaming consoles are made from better technology.


“Microsoft Xbox One X (Project Scorpio)” by wuestenigel is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By: Kelly Martinez , Journalist

Have you ever wondered why gaming is a hit? In modern days, gaming consoles are a big hit because some people think their career is to game or have fun! Gaming consoles were built with powerful technology. Gaming consoles are also pretty hard to create. Some Xboxes take maybe two to three years to create. There are different gaming consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo switch, etc. The first-ever gaming console was Magnavox Odyssey. Ralph H. Baer, around the 1970s, created it.

Magnavox Odyssey
This is the first gaming console that was made.

Xbox consoles have about 500 gigabits, but if you buy the hard drive, it will be about around 700 GB. And the PlayStation has about 667.2GB But depending if you buy the drive it will be about 825GB, next the Nintendo switch has only 32GB because its small consoles and this console is easy to carry around.

Many people use Xbox or PlayStation, but  PlayStation comes out on top. However, Xbox beats PlayStation is it comes by backward compatibility. It’s a feature that can let you play on older consoles. The Xbox 360 was released in 2005, while PlayStation 5 will title Ps4 games, but you can’t play Ps3 games on Playstation 5 because they just won’t let you, but gamers can’t play PlayStation 3 titles they own to the latest consoles.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo doesn’t need to be connected to an outlet like other consoles.

Nintendo Switches are portable consoles, and you can carry them around and have fun. With big consoles Like PlayStation and Xbox, you have to find somewhere to connect them to an outlet or something.



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