Hollow Knight – A Not Well Known Masterpiece

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Image Source: Promotional Image from Hollowknight.com


By: Grant Le, Journalist

Have you heard of Hollow Knight? Chances are, you haven’t. It was released by a small indie team called Team Cherry on February 24th, 2017. They have made previous games before, but none were particularly successful. You might be wondering: How did this game catch my eye, and many others? Well, let me explain.

You start out in the game with a poem and a few simplistic cutscenes that explain what’s happening, and where you come into place. The cutscenes aren’t long at all, and they don’t bore you with too much dialogue, considering there isn’t anyone speaking at all. You then get into the gameplay, falling from a large height and having tablets that glow when you get close show you how to play the game. The instructions are also somewhat in poems, but that just adds to the immersive experience. You eventually find a secret at the start of the game, where this time you have to experiment with ways to get to the prize with no clear instructions involved. I find this clever, since the mechanic you must use to get the secret is a mechanic that would prove useful several times after. Finally, you exit the tutorial and begin the real game. One thing I love most is that you start out with almost nothing, minimum hit points, no maps, and no special abilities aside from healing yourself. In order to get different abilities such as the Vengeful Spirit, a projectile that does heavy damage, or the Mantis Claw, a tool that allows you to wall jump, you must explore the world this game is presented in, making use of the abilities you have so far. Another thing I love is that once you get the ability, you must have to use the ability immediately in order to traverse and progress through the game, teaching you how to use the ability in the process.

Team Cherry consists of only three people, of which is insane to me. The game’s lore is more planned and thought out than any game I’ve seen before, the lore being complicated and hard to explain, yet organized. From cryptic messages throughout, to charms referencing the gods, their commitment and worldbuilding is insane, and though the game is hard as heck, it gives the experience I was hoping for. In summary, Hollow Knight is an immersive indie game made by Team Cherry and I highly recommend it.